we invest in sacco’s. These are tier 4 Microfinance institutions.


We take shares in healthy hight potential small enterprises.


We invest in farms that can exploit their growth potential.

Renewable energy

We invest in sustainable energy and achieve a strong social return.

We are non-profit

We use your donation to grant short-term micro credit to people in developing countries that have the ambition of starting their own company. This way they can build to improve their futures themselves. Your one-time donation is given as a loan to someone else each month, so your donation will help 12 companies in one year. For example, your €50 donation essentially becomes a gift of €600 after the first year.

Entrepreneurs financed
Jobs created
Total lent

Afriwallet makes it possible!

Andrew – Brick maker


Andrew used his loan to buy an oven to bake bricks. Because of the growing demand for bricks, Andrew is now baking bricks full time. He even makes enough money to live in a brick home with his family.

Irene – Fruit seller


Irene took out a loan to be able to buy a fruit stand and a small supply of fruit. Now she is pregnant with her third baby, and she knows she can give her child a better future because her stand is doing well.

Ritah – Seamstress


Rita used to sew all her clothing by hand. Her loan allowed her to buy a sewing machine and more fabrics to have in stock. It’s a year later and she’s now opened a shop where she sells all her clothes.

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Henni Mandemaker

Olympic boxing coach / Knight in the order of orange nassau

Microfinance is one of the fastest developing industries at the moment. It is a safe investment because of the unique guarantee system of the Afriwallet.

Guido Friedrich

International Ajax Scout / entrepreneur

Afriwallet is like soccer, you need to stimulate people the right way and guide them to make them successful at what they’re doing.