Sustainable energy

We invest into companies that contribute to a positive environmental impact.


We support agricultural investments for more productivity and sustainability.

We join

We actively invest in leading scale-ups in their spaces, anywhere in developing countries.


We start, build and join SACCOS. SACCO is a Savings And Credit Co-Operative.

Our objective is to deliver financial services to the world’s poorest.

Afriwallet grants mobile access to banking services to billions of underserved people.

With growing ubiquity of the phone and billions of underserved people, the market is ready for disruption. We bring together technology and user-friendly mobile services for personal empowerment and financial growth.

Dreams are universal, opportunity is not.

We truly believe lending alongside thousands of others is the most sustainable way to create economic and social good. We create a partnership of mutual dignity and make it easy to touch more lives with the same investment. We make a big difference for people such as Edward. He borrowed €190,- and it changed his life and the life of many others.

Queen Máxima and Bill Gates strong believers in our work.

Bill Gates and Queen Maxima support partners as Afriwallet in a shared effort to establish financial mobile services for the world’s poorest.