How it works

A mission with far-reaching impact.

Step 1:
An investment is split up and lent out as short-term micro-development loans.

Step 2:
The borrower automatically pays off his loan including interest on a daily basis.

Step 3:
The repayment is once again lent to a new borrower with a strong business plan.

Money at the speed of life.

Loan terms
2 – 14 weeks

Group guarantee
Min. 7 persons need to secure a loan

Monthly interest range
5% – 18%

Ugh, Ksh and Tsh

Average loan
USD 142,-

200% – 300%

Annual interest range
60% – 216%


Partner compliance.

Some loans from Afriwallet are administered by one of our local partners. We conduct due diligence on all Partners. Our partners with a range of organisations, including micro finance institutions, social businesses. These organisations are united by a strong commitment to serving the needs of low-income, vulnerable, and/or excluded populations, either through financial services or by using credit to expand access to products and services.

Investment areas.

Afriwallet gives out micro credits to the very poorest living in rural areas with a focus on farmers, agricultural cooperations, schools and starting entrepreneurs that help to make the local communities stronger. Fairtrade is an area of focus as well. The Fairtrade method contributes to better prizes for farmers and helps them create a healthy competitive position.

Full transparency.

We don’t want to stifle growth or get someone into a tight spot. That’s why we’re upfront with our lending terms and never charge late fees or rollover fees.