About us

We fund entrepreneurs in developing countries.

We are a mobile investing platform where socially conscious investors can invest in entrepreneurs and sustainable initiatives in emerging countries.

A better life for the less fortunate ones.

Worldwide, 2 billion adults have no access to financial services and do not hold accounts with a financial institution. This leaves them unable to access credit. Most of them have low and unpredictable incomes, and lack the resources to cope with unexpected household or livelihood needs, or to invest in a better future. We provide an opportunity for a better future.

Our mission.

Creating jobs and sustainable companies among the mobile generation in emerging countries and enable people to improve their access to basic needs. This way we want to fight poverty.

Our vision.

Realise a sustainable change in emerging countries by combining a social impact and financial returns.

Our goal.

Stop poverty and make Afriwallet a global mobile initiative through which people from emerging countries can get financial support.