Social impact

Akouélé Agbo

She took a micro-loan of €165 that helped grow her farm’s arable land. Her profits doubled and she began to be able to save money each month. She also sent her children to school. Her story illustrates the economic attractiveness of micro finance as an economic development tool – it encourages self-sustained growth. It’s easy to quantify its success: she took a loan, paid it back, doubled her profits, took another loan, planted different crops to diversify her profits, and with the third loan was even able to employ some help on her farm.

Joseph Masane

Joseph was a mechanic, unemployed, a bad husband and embarrassed by his inability to provide for his family. Afriwallet gave a micro-loan of €115 to open a garage on the condition that the husband agree to respect his wife and allow equal decision making in the household and the business. With both parents working and earning family income, this family is now a success story and proof that micro finance can breed social change. The couple make decisions together, they share responsibility for the family’s income, the children are better fed and better schooled.

Access equals opportunity – Afriwallet has been there when I need it for my business. It’s reliable and simple to use

– Irene Zuluka, Jinja, Uganda

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Our services are designed to meet people where they’re at. For many, that means having little to no credit history or savings. So we use alternative data to offer financial products that people can access anywhere, without the hassle of traditional institutions.